Match analysis at a glance:
The old sports adage says that “it’s art to win when you’re not going”.
The match ended with a goal and participation at the goal opening the result of the meeting should therefore be considered a big play! It’s a pity that Natan finished the game with only one goal, because in the second half he could have hit the goal at least once more.
In competition with Chrobry, Natan played full-time and was very active in half of the opponent’s actions. After changing sides, the attacker functioned on both sides of the field. His physical data is still at a good, high level.


Natan in a vest:

TOTAL DIST         /            9,88 KM – 90′ games
MAX SPEED         /            29,72 KM/H – 90′ games
SPRINTS               /            44 – 90′ games

Natan Jóskowski