Match analysis at a glance:
The away match with Legia was the last stage of the preparatory period before the start of the CLJ U17 games. In this meeting, Natan had his better and worse moments. Several of his behaviours were due to his overly emotional approach to the game. Such lessons for young footballers are very valuable.
Considering all the preparation time, Natan is 100% ready to play. His physical records from the last game show that unequivocally. The distance per minute and the number of sprints performed are at the professional level. The winger also presented a great pass to the free field, which, with a more specific action of the frontline partner, should open the result of the match.


Natan in a vest:

TOTAL DIST         /            5,76 KM – 45 minut games
MAX SPEED         /            31,12 KM/H – 45 minut games
SPRINTS               /            34 – 45 minut games

Natan Jóskowski