Match analysis at a glance:
With the new season, Natan joined the junior team of Warta Poznań.
The Wielkopolska environment has a positive impact on Natan. Playing in different settings, the attacker uses the full range of his capabilities – the indicator of the new sprinter record before sparring with FASE confirms the above observations.
In the aforementioned match, Natan scored 2 goals in 45 minutes of play. In the first one, with a motion without the ball, he created a space to pass to the free field from the back of the FASE defenders. The second is a direct assist – after mastering the ball on his own half, Natan made a very conscious pass with the lobo to the speeding forward of the green team.


Natan in a vest:

TOTAL DIST         /            5,50 KM – 45 minut games
MAX SPEED         /            28,67 KM/H – 45 minut games
SPRINTS               /            20 – 45 minut games

Natan Jóskowski